Year 7 – Pastoral Leader / Mrs Andrea Stockton

Please find below the Year 7 Form Classes, from here you can view your Tutor, read information and email them directly.

Severine Mari-Pincott
MFL Teacher
Stephanie Webber
Humanities & Welsh Baccalaureate
Elaine Pope
Strategic Lead For Maths
Laura Ball
AOLE Lead For Maths & Numeracy
Melanie Denning
Maths Teacher
Sarah Thompson
Welsh Teacher
Julie Al Hajji
MFL Teacher
Chloe Pritchard
Maths Teacher
Dylan Evans
Humanities/Welsh Bacc/Skills.
Emily Richards
Maths Teacher
Linda Edwards
Maths Teacher
Lisa Roberts-Mills
Maths Teacher

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Madame Mari-Pincott and I am the team leader for MFL in our school. You will find me in FE14 ( at the very end of the corridor, pass the lockers). I am very excited to be a part of the year 7 team from September and to have the privilege to support you for the next few years! I love my job and spending time with my pupils. I am strict but fair and very supportive. I am here to help you and encourage you to always try your best.

My interests include all things outdoorsy, travelling and craft –I have even learnt to crochet (along with a healthy obsession for tiktok!) during lockdown …is there anything you can’t learn with a tutorial from youtube!

I love working CCYD and I know you will really enjoy your time with us! I really look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone when we return to school! In the meantime look after yourselves and maybe practise some French (duolingo anyone?)

A bientôt!

Hi Year 7, I am Miss Webber, I teach Humanities and Welsh Baccalaureate and I will be starting at CCYD the same time as you! I can’t wait to meet you all and begin our adventure together, being your form tutor I will be with you every step of the way with a few giggles and fun too.

I’m Mrs Denning and one of my roles here at the school is to teach Maths. However, my most important role is that of Form Tutor to ‘7M’. As your form tutor I will be with you on every step of your educational journey through CCYD. I will be there to support, guide and encourage you to become the best you possibly can, so that on leaving school, you will be confident, resilient and able to cope with whatever life brings your way. Form time is out opportunity to get together each day and have a catch up. It’s your chance to share any problems; celebrate any successes and have a moment of two of quiet reflection. As a form class, we will compete with other forms throughout the year in various competitions – the main one being the Attendance League. So if you’re someone who can’t be bothered to get up in the mornings, now is the time to BREAK THAT HABIT! I have lots of interests outside of school including reading, walking and watching movies. On a Sunday morning, I teach a Sunday school class at my local church – a role I’ve had for many years and still thoroughly enjoy. SEE YOU SOON.

Hi everyone, I’m Mrs Thompson one of three Welsh teachers in the school and you will find me in room FE15. I am very excited to be a part of the year 7 team this year and to have a year 7 form class! I try to be enthusiastic and encouraging and bring fun into learning. I am here to help, whenever you need it, form time is a great time to listen and support each other. I aim to encourage my students to be brave and to have a go, don’t worry if you make mistakes, sometimes the best things are learnt from our mistakes! My interests include board gaming, reading and craft –I have even learnt to Knit during lockdown over zoom, thanks to my mum!  I love the community feel we have at CCYD and hope you really enjoy your time with us too! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone when we return to school! Stay safe everyone!

Bonjour! I am Madame Al Hajji and I teach French and Welsh Bacc. I am excited to work with a Year 7 form group this coming year and to see you grow over the years with us at Y Dderwen! However, you won’t see me until later in the school year as I am expecting a little baby girl and will go into maternity leave soon this June 2020! You might have guessed already but I am French and come from a little village from the region of Toulouse in the south of France. We are quite popular for our very good rugby team and our amazing food - amongst plenty other things obviously! My family still live there and I visit them every summer, when temperatures are usually over 40⁰C!!! I have always been passionate about different cultures, travelling and languages. I speak 4 languages myself (French, English, Spanish and Occitan - a language from my home region). I am also hoping to learn Welsh one day - maybe with the help of my daughter! As a teacher, I will always encourage you to give it a go and will never judge you in your learning as I have been in your shoes too at your age with the English language. We are always learning and a “not-giving-up attitude” is what makes us more resilient and stronger to challenge any obstacles in school and in life in general. I cannot wait to meet you all and wish you all the best in our beautiful school!

Hello! I’m Miss Pritchard, I am a Maths Teacher at CCYD and I will be the tutor for 7G. I look forward to having my very first year 7 form class! I enjoy a fun, active classroom and in my form, there will be lots of quizzes, games and discussions (as long as we follow the class and school rules). I enjoy watching lots of TV including Netflix, and love Marvel and Disney films. I look forward to meeting you all in September, however, if the hairdressers don’t open by then, look for me but with brown hair!

Hello Year 7! I'm Mr Evans and I am very much looking forward to meeting you all in September. It will be my first year at CCYD too so there is no need to be nervous, I am here to support you in every way that I can. I am a teacher of Humanities/Welsh Bacc/Skills. My main subject area is History and I look forward to potentially welcoming some of you into my Humanities classroom next term. One of my main interests outside of school is tennis. I am an avid tennis player and fan. I also love to travel and visit new places. Again, I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you, have a safe and happy summer. See you in September! 

My name is Miss Richards, I am a Maths and Science teacher at CCYD and will be the form teacher of 7R. I am a past pupil of this school so I have sat in the very seats you will sit on in September. The new school year will start my second year at CCYD so I am very much a newbie just like you guys. I’d like to think I am a reasonable teacher, trying to encourage you in all aspects of school life, inside and outside the classroom. My own hobbies include Basketball, rugby and any other sport Wales is playing in. I am also a BIG Cardiff City fan! I hope I will be able to support you throughout your journey at CCYD and have many laughs during form time. I cannot wait to meet you all when we return to school. Stay Safe!!

Hello, my name is Mrs Edwards, and I am a Maths teacher at CCYD, and in September I will also be the form tutor for 7D. I have been a teacher for many years, and I like to think that I am firm but fair in my approach to solving problems or disputes. I have a good sense of humour so form time will always be fun, and I will be able to help you enjoy your time at Y Dderwen. See you in September!

Hi Everyone, I’m Mrs Roberts-Mills and I am a Maths teacher and next year I’ll also be a Form Tutor for 7I. I have taught at Y Dderwen since it opened and I was previously teaching at Ynysawdre for many years. I am known in the school for working pupils very hard indeed, for be- ing very organised and setting lots of homework. If you do find yourself in one of my classes, be prepared to work hard but have lots of fun too. I am someone who enjoys a good laugh and we need that in Maths sometimes! If you are from the Garw, you might well be able to ask your par- ents what I’m like - as I might well have taught them - or your aunties and uncles - hopefully not your grandparents - as I am the ‘old dragon’ of the Maths Department!! I look forward to seeing you all in September - of course I might not look like the picture above if I don’t get to a hairdresser soon!