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Claire Evans
Lead for Psychology / Geography Teacher

AOLE - Humanities

David Lamb
ICT Teacher

AOLE - Science / Technology / ICT


“Psychology aspires to engage and challenge all learners to become the next generation of psychologists, understanding and helping all.”


Subjects offered:

At Key Stage 4 we offer the AQA Psychology course:

Unit 1: Cognition and Behaviour (50% of the qualification)
The topics assessed include:

  1. Memory
  2. Perception
  3. Development
  4. Research Methods

Unit 2: Social Context and Behaviour (50% of the qualification)
The topics assessed include:

  1. Social influence
  2. Language, thought and communication
  3. The brain and neuropsychology
  4. Psychological problems

Both exams are completed at the end of year 11.

Support and resources for the course are found at:

At Key Stage 5 we offer the WJEC A Level course:

Year 12
Component 1 Psychology: Past to Present (20% of the qualification)
Five compulsory questions relating to the five main approaches:

  1. The Biological Approach,
  2. The Psychodynamic Approach,
  3. The Behaviourist Approach,
  4. The Cognitive Approach,
  5. The Positive Approach.

Component 2 Psychology: Using Psychological Concepts (20% of the qualification)
This paper focuses on the research methods psychologists use to gather research. There is also a debate question worth 20 marks.

Year 13
Component 3 Implications in the Real World (40% of the qualification)
Section A: The study of behaviours.
A choice of behaviours are studied and include: 

  1. Addictive behaviours
  2. Autistic spectrum behaviours
  3. Bullying behaviours
  4. Criminal behaviours
  5. Schizophrenia
  6. Stress

Section B: Controversies in Psychology
You will study a range of controversial issues and will write an essay comprising of 25 marks in the exam.


Component 4 Psychology: Applied Research (20% of the qualification)
You will be tested on research methods again. You will also conduct two personal investigations before the exam and will be examined on them. Conducting your own research will provide you with excellent skills required for University.

The A level course is an excellent foundation for further study at University. Psychology courses are very popular and can be combined with other subjects such as Forensics, Criminology, Sociology and Developmental Psychology. 

The top career choices for those who study Psychology include:
Health and Social work,
Retail administration and support,
Legal professions and
Business, HR and Finance.