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Modern Foreign Languages

Séverine Mari
Team Leader For Modern Foreign Languages

AOLE - Languages / Literacy / Communication

Julie Al Hajji
MFL Teacher

AOLE - Languages / Literacy / Communication

Subjects Offered: 

At GCSE We Offer:

• WJEC French

Aim:  The study of a modern foreign language will broaden your horizons, develop your cultural knowledge and understanding and foster transferable skills such as confidence, communication, problem solving and creativity.

The qualification has four units:

Unit 1 – Spoken Non-Exam Assessment      Unit 2 – Listening Examination
Unit 3 – Reading Examination                      Unit 4 – Written Examination

The context for learning the language is organised under three broad themes:

  • Identity and culture

  • Wales and the World – areas of interest

  • Current and future study and employment

Each broad theme is divided into sub-themes.

At KS5 We Offer:

There currently is not any  French GCSE A’level course running in our school (transport to a different centre).

If you are awarded A-C in French  GCSE, you are welcome to study for Spanish GCSE from scratch (1-2 years depending on ability/commitment- lessons will be during lunch time and out of school).

If you have realised the importance of a language qualification, do approach your MFL teachers so we can discuss your options.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Outside of the classroom, we are happy to support our pupils on a daily basis in their studies during lunch and break times…if you need help or a quiet place to work…pop in!

Pupils at Key stage 4 attend weekly support sessions.

We hold a weekly ‘chorale’ (choir) session to help pupils develop their pronunciation skills in a non-threatening environment.

We organise a very successful yearly trip to Disneyland and in the (very) near future we intend to organise an exchange and/or penpal club as well as residential (activity?) trip…watch this space!

French/ Languages At CCYD

Everybody can learn and enjoy a language (or more!) especially when supported by our enthusiastic teaching team. As teachers we have high expectations of our students and ourselves, we provide engaging lessons  and endeavour to help you reach your full potential.

Always remember, in French lessons, you also develop linguistic skills (oracy, writing, reading) which you can then apply to learning other languages.

You also develop transferable skills (numeracy, literacy, IT, problem solving…)  you can use to achieve your full potential in other subjects.


Languages Mentoring Scheme

Back in January 2017, our school and our pupils were identified as perfect potential candidate to take part in the Language Mentoring scheme organised in partnership with Cardiff University.  We submitted a very long list of names of pupils showing great potential in French who we felt would benefit from such a program. Only 10 pupils were selected and took part in a series of weekly workshop led by Lamorna aiming at raising pupils awareness of the importance of language learning.

In April we were invited to attend the award ceremony at Cardiff University. The event proved the perfect platform to acknowledge all the hard work both pupils and their team of facilitators (university student and staff, teachers, CSC coordinators) put into the projects.  We finished the day with a visit to the French Impressionist exhibition which is held in the neighbouring Cardiff museum.  As a teaching team, we are delighted to have been in a position to create such a positive learning experience for our pupils and are already looking forward to taking part into the scheme next year.