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Library / Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

In this section you should be able to find out anything you need to know about our LRC Facilities and Services

Where is the LRC?

Our stunning Learning Resource Centre is located above the main entrance of the school and forms the hub of the department wings. Its central location clearly demonstrates that improving literacy and independent learning skills lies at the heart of Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen.

What is in the LRC?

The whole school community is enabled to access a full range of printed and digital resources to serve their curriculum needs and learning styles. We provide:

• A Library of Popular and Classical Fiction or Storybooks for all ages and tastes

• Information Books (Non-Fiction) for Research, Homework and Projects

• Newspapers, Journals  and Magazines

• A variety of Educational Games

• A suite of PCs with internet access and a Colour Laser Printer



• Homework Club takes place in the LRC Monday to Thursday

• Homework tasks can be completed, with one to one teacher support and access to all the resources available in the LRC.

• We run Book Clubs and a Reading Club, enabling everyone to read about the latest books around

• Special Events take place in the LRC to celebrate dates such as Roald Dahl Day, World Book Day and The Eisteddfod.

The LRC is used effectively by many people for study.  We expect all users to be courteous and respect the rights of others to read and work in a quiet and pleasant environment.

Opening Times

The LRC is open every weekday Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm

Borrowing and Returning Books

Our school is strongly committed to improving literacy and knows the importance of reading for pleasure.  There is strong evidence that young people who read regularly perform better in tests and that ‘reading for pleasure is the strongest indicator of future success.’ The school has made a significant investment with the introduction of an online version of our library catalogue.  The new system allows learners, staff and parents to view our school and public library catalogues online.  Learners are encouraged to use this to help with research, to write reviews about books they have read and search for, or reserve new books and other resources.  You can access the system via the school website or directly by downloading the Free App called iMLS from the App Store.  You will be able to use the features at home to help your child select books. Having the library accessible in this way and having parents engaged with reading will help support our commitment to improving standards of literacy.You can access the online library catalogue system via

How Long Can I Keep Books?

Books are loaned for two weeks and are issued by the librarians from the circulation counter. Books will be stamped with the date for return and may be renewed, providing no-one else is waiting for them.  Overdue lists will be read out in form and parents will be contacted if books are not returned.

What happens if I lose an item?

If an item borrowed from the LRC is lost then it has to be paid for.  A letter will be sent home confirming the cost of a replacement item.

What if I can’t find the book I need?

Please ask the librarians.

Can I come into the LRC and just read?

Yes.  We have reading areas set aside where learners may sit on comfy seating and read.  They are expected to do this without disturbing other people who are reading or working.