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School Vision Statement

The CCYD school vision was developed in 2018 by the Teaching & Learning group through staff and learner consultation. Our vision has been established by careful consideration of our ethos and focus for the whole school community and shared with all stakeholders in the CCYD community including Staff, Learners, Governors and Parents:

CCYD aspires to empower our community to be collaborative,
resilient and reflective individuals who have the self-confidence to embrace challenge.


Curriculum Vision:

At CCYD our curriculum vision is:

Centred around a shared vision focusing on the learning of all within the community

To develop in all learners the experiences, knowledge and skills needed for employment, lifelong learning and active citizenship

To enable every learner to develop the 4 purposes so that they can show resilience, be imaginative, compassionate, reflective and ambitious

To allow learners to encounter meaningful and authentic contexts which provide challenge and develop their innovation and creativity

How do we realise our Curriculum Vision at CCYD?

Ensuring the 4 Purposes are prioritised in all learning at CCYD:

Development of the 4 purposes in learners is central to all aspects of planning at CCYD. The provision for delivering and developing the 4 P’s in our learners is an integral part of our CCYD 10 components of each lesson as well as being embedded in our lesson planning and POL format. This informs evaluation through lesson observation and our book monitoring rubrics. In realising the 4 purposes we set out to equip all of our learners for ongoing learning, work and life. Consistent approaches to teaching and learning in all lessons supports learner progress and development to enable learners to achieve their full potential. Learner voice is used extensively across all AOLEs to ensure that learners opinions on their learning experiences are valued, evaluated and informs future planning. The Core skills of literacy, numeracy and DCF are central to all POLs and form contextualised learning experiences which complement subject themes and topics as well as supporting 4 P development.

Delivery of a Broad and Balanced curriculum at CCYD:

AOLE provision is carefully planned at all stages to ensure a broad range of subjects are taught. Core and wider skills are integral across all areas to enable learners to achieve their full potential. There are clear links within AOLE subjects through collaboratively planned learning experiences in KS3. There are a wide range of subjects offered at 14 (GCSE level) and post 16 (A level) and we continue to develop our provision as specifications become available so that we can offer broad subjects. Our Curriculum offer at KS4 and A level includes a wide range of academic and vocational courses across all of the AOLEs which enable learners to progress to pathways beyond school education.

Developing learner experiences, knowledge and skills at CCYD:

AOLEs work together to plan key concepts in teaching & learning and ensure that the statements of what matters and descriptions of learning underpin learning across different contexts in all subjects. Cross curricular core skills and wider skills are central to all planning and are essential elements within teaching and learning to ensure that learners can access knowledge. These are planned into POL’s delivered to all year groups. These skills can be transferred after learning at CCYD into the world of work, enabling learner adaptability to thrive in the world beyond education. We also ensure that the curriculum supports the wellbeing and mental health of all learners across the AOLEs.

Supporting progression at CCYD:

AFL is delivered through ongoing assessment and ensures that teachers are able to identify learner needs with learners actively involved in identifying how they can take the next steps to progress. Teachers use AFL as a lesson by lesson tool to understand the needs of the group and to inform ongoing planning within teaching and learning. The 5 principles of progression underpin progression across the AOLEs and are used to provide a reference point of progress whilst learners are working towards the statements of what matters. The 4 purposes are integral to progression so that they can develop into pathways beyond school and they inform planning of all learning experiences. We work in collaboration with the cluster primaries to map and plan for progression to ensure that learners can make appropriate progress and can be supported by challenging learning experiences

School Ethos

The ethos of the school is encapsulated in its motto, ‘Taking Pride’.  This is not an instruction, this is a description.  This is what we do and what we encourage our learners, staff, parents, governors and community to do.

We are ‘Taking Pride’ every day in our standard of work, our appearance, our behaviour, our friends, our learners, our teachers, our school and our family. We do all this by Taking Pride in ourselves – believing that if we do that, then pride in all the other things will follow.  We don’t mean that we show off: we don’t mean that we are arrogant: we mean that we take care with and take care of ourselves, others and all we do and are, and that, quietly, inside ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are proud.