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Student Support


Welcome to Student Support, our department offers an array of support strategies and interventions to allow learners to become independent including,

  • Read Write Inc-literacy support
  • Numeracy workout
  • Specific Learning Difficulty support
  • TALKABOUT – Social skills programme
  • Homework help
  • Access arrangement and assessments
  • ELSA- Emotional Literacy support
  • Counselling- provided by our school based counsellor and also an independent Counsellor
  • In class support
  • Nurture- structured support at lunch and break times
  • Daily check in
  • FRIENDS- a Transition support programme
  • Visual timetables
  • Handwriting and presentation advice

The above list is not exhaustive and we often have to find new interventions and support to meet the needs of individuals.


The Student Support Centre is now able to provide in class shared support that benefits large numbers of learners, the vast array of interventions have also enable huge numbers of learners to become more confident and able to access their lessons and become more independent.

Last year we supported learners in finding and pursuing appropriate learning pathways and all of the learners were able to go onto an appropriate college or training course to further their education.  This includes those learners who accessed the MLD provision, all of which left with a meaningful qualification and suitable learning pathway.

The department also liaises and works with a variety of external support agencies including;

  • Integrated Working Team
  • Social Services
  • Inclusion Service
  • External Counselling services
  • Primary Mental Health\\CAMHS
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Education Welfare service
  • Youth Offending Services
  • EOTAS provision
  • Changing Tracks
  • Bridge Mentoring

Please find below the Support Staff team:-

Jennifer Williams
Assistant Headteacher
Nina Ellis
Assistant ALNCo
Sarah Churchill
MLD Teacher
Emma Cummins
Admin Assistant / Student Support
Emma Hicks
Learning Support Officer
Cerys Maiden
Learning Support Officer
Kelly Robinson
Learning Support Officer
Julie Ford
Learning Support Officer
Ed Wellington
Learning Support Officer
Rhian Lewis
Learning Support Officer
Nikki Thomas
Learning Support Officer
Gemma Greenish
Learning Support Officer
Beth Powell
Learning Support Officer
Julian Lilly
Learning Support Assistant
Andrea Kinsella
Learning Support Assistant
Laura Tucker
Learning Support Assistant
Gerald Piggott
Learning Support Assistant
Jayne Grant
Learning Support Assistant
Jackie Dissanayake
Learning Support Assistant
Jade Wickens
Learning Support Assistant
Charley Rowe
Learning Support Assistant
Sean Dovey
Learning Support Assistant
Claire Jones
Learning Support Assistant