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(CWRE) Careers and Work Related Education at CCYD


Aims of CWRE at CCYD
To explore WHO we are, WHAT our aspirations are and HOW we can identify and nurture our skills so that we can achieve our aspirational career goals.

Our vision for CWRE at CCYD
At CCYD the provision for CWRE enables all learners to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world of work beyond education. It is important that CCYD learners become increasingly aware of the range of opportunities available to them and set themselves aspirational goals for the future. Our provision for CWRE seeks to develop resilience and the ability to adapt to challenges throughout life and work. We also want to instill in our learners the idea that learning is not only
achieved through school education but should be part of a lifelong
progression beyond school. The professional learning development of
staff to ensure that the CWRE curriculum and provision is delivered
effectively is a priority and is continually planned and evaluated as part of
the annual whole school improvement.

We put this into practice by ensuring all learners are:
● Developing career knowledge
● Building career management skills
● Having career and work related experiences