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Vicki Simpkins
AOLE Lead For Humanities / Geography / Sociology Teacher

AOLE - Humanities

Claire Evans
Lead for Psychology / Geography Teacher

AOLE - Humanities

Rhian Wonklyn
Geography Teacher

AOLE - Humanities

Subjects Offered:

At KS4 we offer:
GCSE Geography (WJEC)

At KS5 we offer:

GCE Geography (WJEC)
GCE Psychology (WJEC)
GCE Sociology (WJEC)


Our geography department aims to foster an interest in and a sense of wonder about places and people at all levels, from the personal to the global. To prepare our learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of their world and to face the challenges that will shape our societies and environments at the local, national and global scales.

In KS3 Geography is delivered as part of AOLE Humanities. We offer our learners a broad and diverse curriculum with learning experiences that encompass the physical and human world at a range of scales. We encourage learners to be enquiring of their world and aim to equip them with the skills to be active, informed and responsible citizens of their world.  


Extra-curricular Activities
In recent years we have organised visits to Italy and Iceland.  During these visits learners explored Mount Vesuvius and the remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and whilst in Iceland experienced geysers, waterfalls and tectonic landscapes.
Our Humanities team host a very successful weekly Humanities Club open to all learners with an interest in hands on learning.  Sessions include trialling earthquake resistant buildings, creating a landscape in a box, geocaching, photography and many other activities that enhance learners learning in the classroom.