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Cashless Catering

CCYD follows the Bridgend Catering service Cashless catering model. Learners and families can add money to the individual account via the internet site or through the re valve machines in school. Please note internet payments can take up to 48 hours to appear on the account. Learners eligible for free school meals have their daily allowance added each day (however unspent allowance does not roll over) Cashless cards removes the stigma of learners eligible for free school meals. Learners can use their cards before school, at breaktime or lunchtime – but there is a £5 maximum spend per day- so learners need to manage their allowance.

We use a biometric technology service, for all those who have had their thumbprint ‘captured’ this allows them to use their thumbprint as a unique method of identification for cashless catering. All students are given one free Cashless card- replacement cards can be purchased in the main office during break or lunchtime for a charge of £5 We strongly urge learners to take responsibility for their cards or to have thumbprints recorded.