Swap Shop

The learners in school have decided to set up and run a school uniform swap shop. Every item of uniform brought in can be swapped for a different piece. The aim is to reduce our impact on the environment in line with the 12 responsible  sustainable goals of consumption and production.
20% of industrial water pollution comes from textiles production, 200,000 tons of dye end up in water ways and 5.2% of waste in landfill is textiles.

How the Swap Shop will work:

1. Learners bring uniform to school on selected days ( Parents will be sent a letter listing the days). The uniform needs to be good quality, clean and folded. It can be any aspect of the uniform including PE kit.

2. Learners will be issued with a token which will have the number of items brought in.  This will become the number of items you/they can swap for.

For further information please contact Gareth Pope at Gareth.Pope@ccyd.org.uk

Thank you for your support

Gareth Pope and the Swap Shop Committee