Student Support


Welcome to Student Support, our department offers an array of support strategies and interventions to allow learners to become independent including,

  • Read Write Inc-literacy support
  • Numeracy workout
  • Specific Learning Difficulty support
  • TALKABOUT – Social skills programme
  • Homework help
  • Access arrangement and assessments
  • ELSA- Emotional Literacy support
  • Counselling- provided by our school based counsellor and also an independent Counsellor
  • In class support
  • Nurture- structured support at lunch and break times
  • Daily check in
  • FRIENDS- a Transition support programme
  • Visual timetables
  • Handwriting and presentation advice

The above list is not exhaustive and we often have to find new interventions and support to meet the needs of individuals.


The Student Support Centre is now able to provide in class shared support that benefits large numbers of learners, the vast array of interventions have also enable huge numbers of learners to become more confident and able to access their lessons and become more independent.

Last year we supported learners in finding and pursuing appropriate learning pathways and all of the learners were able to go onto an appropriate college or training course to further their education.  This includes those learners who accessed the MLD provision, all of which left with a meaningful qualification and suitable learning pathway.

The department also liaises and works with a variety of external support agencies including;

  • Integrated Working Team
  • Social Services
  • Inclusion Service
  • External Counselling services
  • Primary Mental HealthCAMHS
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Education Welfare service
  • Youth Offending Services
  • EOTAS provision
  • Changing Tracks
  • Bridge Mentoring

Please find below the Support Staff team:-

Jennifer Williams
Assistant Headteacher
Nina Ellis
Assistant ALNCo
Sarah Churchill
MLD Coordinator
Lynda Mattravers
School Counsellor / Mindful Meditation Practitioner
Emma Cummins
Admin Assistant / Student Support
Emma Hicks
Learning Support Officer
Cerys Maiden
Learning Support Officer
Hayley Archer
Learning Support Officer (ASD)
Kelly Robinson
Learning Support Officer
Julie Ford
Learning Support Officer
Rhian Lewis
Learning Support Officer
Nikki Thomas
Learning Support Officer
Tom Seldon
Learning Support Officer
Mark Broster
Learning Support Assistant
Gerald Piggott
Learning Support Assistant
Julian Lilly
Learning Support Assistant
Jackie Dissanayake
Learning Support Assistant
Gemma Greenish
Learning Support Assistant / ELSA
Laura Tucker
Learning Support Assistant
Jayne Grant
Learning Support Assistant
Hollie John
Learning Support Assistant
Laura Holden
Learning Support Assistant
Angharad Davies
Learning Support Assistant
Jade Wickens
Learning Support Assistant
Ashley Carter
Learning Support Assistant

My name is Jen Williams and I am the Assistant Headteacher.  I lead the Student Support department and along with Mrs Ellis and Mrs Churchill, coordinate the extra help and support that learners need to achieve. I speak with lots of parents and other professionals and we work out the best way to support each individual. The team in Student Support are fantastic and will support you in becoming independent and confident learners.  I teach English and am on duty every day before school and at the lunch queue so come and see me if you need help during these times. I really enjoy watching rugby and reading in my spare time. We are looking forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to CCYD.

My name is Nina Ellis and I am the Assistant ALNCo. My role is to support all learners with Additional Learning Needs with a fantastic team of support staff who ensure everyone gets the help and guidance they need to succeed. A large part of my role is managing and teaching learners with Moderate learning Difficulties, supporting them and their families.  I am the specialist teacher for English and Maths, although I am pretty good at ICT as this was something I taught for many years. My classroom is based in B block which is where you will find student support where I am on duty at break and lunchtime. I enjoy reading, baking, going to the sea side and watching films. I am a huge Disney and Star Wars fan and my favourite character is Chewbacca.

Hello and welcome to CCYD! My name is Sarah Churchill and I coordinate the Key Stage 4 MLD Provision. I also teach Mathematics to the lowest sets and I am the team leader for Vocational Studies.

In years 10 and 11, alongside the compulsory subjects, students are taught a bespoke curriculum, including the popular Jamie Oliver Home Cooking skills course and the Vocational Studies qualification. These courses allows the students to have a ‘hands on’ approach to their studies, with a variety of practical and theory experiences to develop their skills in a wide range of subject areas. Recently, we have added GCSE ICT to our options in KS4.

Transition onto college is always a stressful time, especially for our students. However, we are fortunate enough to have the guidance and support from Sarah Parry, Specialist Career Advisor at Careers Wales. Sarah meets with pupils individually and attends annual reviews from Year 9 onwards. She continues to support young people when they leave school. We have also established good links with Bridgend College and Ysgol Bryn Castell (YBC). Lloyd Rosewell, Transition Coordinator at Bridgend College also attends annual reviews in KS4. This ensures our pupils transition to college is a positive experience. I am based in B-Block, near Student Support, and can often be found in the Mathematics department. So if you need help with anything, just come and find me!

As a school Counsellor :




I'm Miss Cummins. You will find me in GB5 office in Student Support.

I support all of the friendly staff in our ALN department, so if you are unsure of who you need or where to be, I'm always here to ask and point you in the right direction.

I am also a first aider and here to help if anyone is in need of first aid.

If you need to take medication while in school, be it long term or short term. I will log this and arrange with your Parent/Carer forms must be filled out. You can also keep spare asthma inhalers, epi-pens, diabetes hypo/hyper supplies etc.

I also deal with any Health Care Plans, lots of learners have different medical needs and we want you to feel comfortable and able to access all your needs while here at school with us.

I look forward to meeting you all in September

Hi, My name is Mrs Hicks and I work in the Student Support department, however you will mostly find me in our LRC (Library) among all our lovely books, especially the Harry Potter series which is my favourite. Being an avid reader myself I love to see our pupils finding joy in the books that they have been reading and actively encourage them to explore the new worlds that reading opens up to them.

My role is mainly to deliver a programme called Accelerated Reader, This involves all of KS3 and mainly helps with reading and comprehension skills. I also run a lunchtime book club which is open to all KS3, we read a variety of books and this years favourite was ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

I look forward to meeting you all and finding out how many of you have read Harry Potter.

Hi, my name is Mrs  Maiden and I work in our Student Support department (B block) at CCYD. My main roles in the department is delivering one of our reading programmes we use, called Accelerated Reader. This involves us taking small groups of children on a weekly basis and helping them learn and develop new skills to help them with reading and comprehension. 

I am also one of the ELSA’s at the school. This is an emotional support programme, which involves having weekly sessions one to one or in groups to try and learn new ways and coping strategies for things you may find difficult emotionally. Finally I also help out with our gross motor skills club which we run on a Wednesday lunch time, it is a very friendly and fun environment to help you develop and learn new physical skills.

Hello everyone my name is Mrs Archer and I work in Student Support (B Block) 

One role you will find me doing is delivering a reading/ spelling scheme called Freshstart. I love reading myself so really enjoy helping learners with their literacy skills. 

During the rest of my day you will find me in B block where I am always there to help you with any problems you might have. I am there to listen, help and guide you through any difficulties that you find may come up in your school day. 

I also run a lunchtime club called Motorskills where you can have fun and develop your sporting skills. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you.

I'm Mrs Robinson and I work in Student Support. 

I run Maths intervention sessions mostly but run Spelling intervention with pupils, when it is needed. I also do the BKSB and NFER testing in the school and organise the school immunisations with the School Nurse.

Hi I am Mrs Ford, I am the MLD Learning Support Officer and I am based in Student Support. I love my role and enjoy supporting the learners with various interventions, ie Read Write inc (Literacy Support), ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant).

The students are offered a variety of clubs at Lunchtimes and after school to encourage learners to become more independent, meet new friends and have lots of fun. I love to see the progress that learners make and I enjoy break times, where I get the opportunity to know  learner’s.

I live on a farm with my Family and have sheep, cows, chickens and horses. When I have spare time, I love to go away in my caravan to Temby and have ice cream with strawberry sauce on and sit on the seafront.

My role in school involves assessing the eligibility of pupils for access arrangements for internal and public exams

Hi I am Mrs Thomas, I work in student support as a Learning support officer and Elsa (emotional literacy support assistant). In student support I am here to help with your learning and well being. In which I take Fresh Start lessons to help with your reading skills. I also work with children with additional needs and one of the sessions I work on is called IDL which is another reading program aimed at children with dyslexia or children who have difficulties with reading. I am currently an Elsa and work helping children struggling with different situations. Such as: bullying, confidence, bereavement problems at school or home. Overall I am here to help. I run a drama club which is great fun. We work on confidence, performance and just having a good time. Lunch time I help out in a motor skills group where we do different sporting activities. The aim of the group is to overall improve motor skills whilst having fun. It is a really great group to be part of. I Also run an after school club called craft and chatter. This group is a time to have fun with old and new friends doing mindful arts and craft whilst having a chat.

 I'm currently based in B Block Student Support. My current role is Numeracy Support Officer for KS3 (Years 7,8,9) whereby I assist students in improving their Maths skills in small intervention groups. 

I also help out 2 nights a week in a homework club, here I am available to assist in a variety of subjects. 

I occasionally work in the classrooms as support for students. 

Another role I undertake is the running of the school Duke of Edinburgh award which students can start in year 9.

Hello and Bore da.

My name is Mr Piggott. My role is to assist and support you in class. I also help with the Football Club.

I am located in Student Support (B Block) if you need any help.

Hello I'm Mr. Lilly , I work in the student support department , I'm primarily in the classroom but will help the students wherever and whenever I'm needed , I enjoy helping the pupils with their work or any other areas they may have concern , break times I'm usually in B block always ready to help and have a chat , looking forward to meeting you in September.

Hi, my name is Jackie Dissanayake and I am a learning support assistant in CCYD,

I love to read, swim and walk my very big great Dane puppy!

If you ever have any questions or need help you can find me in B Block (student support).

Hello my name is Mrs Greenish,as well as offering class support, I am a trained ELSA, helping individual pupils with all aspects of emotional wellbeing.

My name is Mrs Tucker and I am a Learning Support Assistant. I am here to support you in your lessons and often find myself learning alongside you. I assist in Fresh Start lessons and you will find me in Student Support most of the time if you ever need support and assistance. I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know each and every one of you.