Team Leader:

Beverly Hill

Teachers In Charge

Michelle Winspear (Head Of Biology)

Team Members:

Maria Balestrazzi

Jonathan Grigg

Natalie Richards

Fran Watkin

Jason Roberts

Charlotte Royal

Adam Williams


Joanne Narbeth

Carolyn Jones

Subjects Offered: 

At GCSE We Offer:

  • WJEC Science A, WJEC Science B, WJEC Additional Science & Edexcel BTEC Applied Science Certificate

  • GCSE & Level 2

  • WJEC Biology, WJEC Chemistry, WJEC Physics & Edexcel BTEC Applied Science

At KS5 We Offer:

  • A / AS Level & Level 3

The Science department uses a range of courses that suits the learners’ individual needs.  The combination of level 2 GCSE & BTEC Science courses has continually allowed our students to achieve high grades at the end of year 11. 

Our department results are well above the National and LEA averages.  We have also been ranked 2nd in our family of similar school 2012/13.  During that academic year we had a 90% A*-C pass rate, with some exceptional performances from our MAT pupils who gained GCSE A* grades.  



A level Biologists at CCYD are proud to be part of an innovative and ground breaking research project. This collaborative project will see students from CCYD along with other schools working with scientists to investigate the genome of the parasitic whipworm. This information will be used by scientists for further research to develop possible treatments for the disease. This project was possible due to the school working with the Institute of Research in Schools (IRIS) Further information on the project and IRIS can be found here: