School Vision

CCYD aspires to empower our community to be collaborative, resilient and reflective individuals who have the self-confidence to embrace challenge.

School Ethos

The ethos of the school is encapsulated in its motto, ‘Taking Pride’.  This is not an instruction, this is a description.  This is what we do and what we encourage our learners, staff, parents, governors and community to do.

We are ‘Taking Pride’ every day in our standard of work, our appearance, our behaviour, our friends, our learners, our teachers, our school and our family. We do all this by Taking Pride in ourselves – believing that if we do that, then pride in all the other things will follow.  We don’t mean that we show off: we don’t mean that we are arrogant: we mean that we take care with and take care of ourselves, others and all we do and are, and that, quietly, inside ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are proud.