Elaine Pope
Strategic Lead For Maths
Laura Ball
AOLE Lead For Maths & Numeracy
Catherine Pope
Assistant Headteacher
Linda Edwards
Maths Teacher
Lisa Roberts-Mills
Maths Teacher
Sarah Philpin
Pastoral Leader / Maths Teacher
Paul Franklyn
Pastoral Leader / Maths Teacher
Sarah Churchill
MLD Co-Ordinator / Maths Teacher
Chloe Pritchard
Maths Teacher / Leader Of Transferable Skills DCF
Emily Richards
Maths Teacher
Leanne Grabham
Leader of Transferable Skills Numeracy / Maths Teacher
Melanie Denning
Maths Teacher

Subjects Offered: At GCSE (KS4)

We Offer:

WJEC Mathematics
WJEC Numeracy
WJEC Additional Mathematics

At KS5 We Offer:

WJEC A’Level Mathematics
WJEC Further A’Level Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most important subject on the curriculum.  A good grounding in number work is essential for all students – for their life-chances; their employment prospects and their ability to function in a complex world.

A strong team of committed teachers will work very hard to ensure that all children have a very good grounding in Numeracy and Mathematics and our aim is that all students should leave the school with success in Mathematics at GCSE and that as large a number as is possible, leaves school with a ‘C’ grade or above in Mathematics at GCSE.

The school has provided a wonderful opportunity for students to improve their learning in all areas with its provision of an iPad for every learner.  The Mathematics team has been developing its own skills and knowledge in the use of technology in the last year and will be using Apps and the Apple devices to help students learn and to increase the confidence and motivation of those who might find areas of this demanding subject, a struggle to master.

The Mathematics Team provides after school support four nights every week for students who need extra help with Maths.

A mastery of number skills and Mathematics as a whole gives a student confidence and the tools to take on other subject areas like technology, science, engineering, business and commerce, and to access careers linked to any of these areas.  It is also the simple fact that without a GCSE ‘C’ grade or better in Mathematics, so many areas of further qualification or career are closed to us.

As well as the Mathematics students learn in their Mathematics lessons and as well as the skills they practise at home with their substantial Mathematics homework, they will develop their number and Numeracy skills through all subjects in the curriculum – each using, developing and testing their understanding and skills in Numeracy, wherever the opportunity arises.

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