Team Leader:

Lisa Walters lisa.walters@bridgend.gov.uk

Teacher In Charge

Sally Peatey sally.peatey@bridgend.gov.uk

Team Members:

Ian Johns (Head Of Emerald College)

Sam Went

Ria Thomas

Katie Hewitt (Head Of Sapphire College)

Sarah Churchill

Jen Williams (Assistant Head Teacher)

Josh Simpson

Intervention Officer:

Olivia Wellington

Ross Davies

Subjects Offered: 

At GCSE We Offer:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Media Studies
  • EP Additional English (WJEC)

At KS5 We Offer:

  • AS and A level English Literature

As a department we are passionate about giving every student the opportunity to achieve their potential.  We offer extra sessions for students to practise their exam skills and to improve their Controlled Assessments.  

At Key Stage 3 we are starting our English Club back up to build on the success of last year’s club.  This session will offer support with homework, poetry, reading, drama and writing in an informal setting.

Recent Successes:

Last year English A level students all passed their exams with at least a grade D.  This builds on a long tradition of high pass rates in English Literature.  Year 11 last year also improved in the top grades at A and A*.  Some even had full marks in the external exams as well as Controlled Assessments.  Last year we ran some very successful theatre trips ranging from ‘Hairspray’ to ‘Hamlet’ at Stratford.  These trips give students the opportunity to see their classroom texts brought to life.  This year, Miss Went and Miss Malkin have taken the year 12 AS groups to see an adaptation of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.  As a department we also enter students in a variety of different competitions each year, from Youth speaks debates to poetry writing.