Year 6 to 7 – Pastoral Leader / Mrs Andrea Stockton

Please find below the Year 7 (Sept 2021) Form Classes, from here you can view your Tutor, read information and email them directly.

Samantha Went
English Teacher
Julie Alhaji
MFL Teacher
Sally Peatey
AOLE Lead For Language & Literacy
Josh Simpson
Leader For Transferable Skills - Literacy
Khalyda Ali
ICT Teacher
Severine mari-Pincott
MFL Team Leader
Suzy Markham
English Teacher
Rhian Lane Morgan
English Teacher
Sarah Thompson
Welsh Teacher
Ria Thomas
English Teacher



Hi everyone, My name is Miss Went; I am very excited that I will be responsible for you as you embark on the biggest adventure yet in your educational journey- BIG SCHOOL!! I remember how I felt, all those years ago, both excitement and dread at the prospect of leaving primary school. Rest assured you will enjoy the challenge and responsibility of becoming a year 7 pupil at Y Dderwen. Can't wait to meet you!

Bonjour! I am Madame Al Hajji and I teach French in our school. I am excited to work with a Year 7 form group this coming year and to see you grow over the years with us at Y Dderwen! I am French and come from a little village from the region of Toulouse in the south of France. We are quite popular for our very good rugby team and our amazing food - amongst plenty of other things obviously! My family still live there and I usually visit them every summer, when temperatures are usually over 40⁰C!!! I have always been passionate about different cultures, travelling and languages. I speak 4 languages myself (French, English, Spanish and Occitan - a language from my home region). I am also hoping to learn Welsh one day! As a teacher, I will always encourage you to give it a go and will never judge you in your learning. I had to learn to speak English in school too so I know exactly what you are experiencing with the French language. We are always learning and a “not-giving-up attitude” is what makes us more resilient and stronger to challenge any obstacles in school and in life in general. I cannot wait to meet you all and wish you all the best in our beautiful school! Au revoir!

Hello, Year 7. My name is Miss Peatey. I enjoy working as part of the English Department. We will be working on a number of activities together in form time including Thought for the Week, fundraising and competitions. Form time will also give us the opportunity to talk about issues that are important to you. I am looking forward to getting to know you and to see the contribution that you are going to make to our school.

Hello Year 6 (soon to be 7!) I hope you’ve all been well over the last year. It’s been a crazy time for everyone. I’m really looking forward to being your form tutor next year. I’ve been an English teacher at CCYD for 8 years and it has flown by! We use our 20 minutes a day to build relationships with our peers, learn new skills and also learn about the world around us. You can also expect a few competitions and quizzes thrown into the mix with me too! I’ve got loads of hobbies we can talk about and challenge each other with. I’m a huge Swansea fan and try to take part in as much sport as I can (Sports Day can become a little too competitive in my form!). I also play guitar; even more so during lockdown! I managed to teach myself from the age of 14- proof that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything! There's loads more I could talk about here but we'll save something for next year. As your form tutor, I try to be as supportive as I can and I am always here to encourage you to be the best version of you possible!

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Madame Mari-Pincott and I am the team leader for MFL in our school. You will find me in FE14 ( at the very end of the corridor, pass the lockers). I am very excited to be a part of the year 7 team from September and to have the privilege to support you for the next few years! I love my job and spending time with my pupils. I am strict but fair and very supportive. I am here to help you and encourage you to always try your best. My interests include all things outdoorsy, travelling and craft –I have even learnt to crochet (along with a healthy obsession for tiktok!) during lockdown …is there anything you can’t learn with a tutorial from youtube! I love working at CCYD and I know you will really enjoy your time with us! I really look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone. In the meantime look after yourselves and maybe practise some French (duolingo anyone?) A bientôt

Hi year 6! My name is Ms Markham, and I am an English teacher at CCYD and will be your form teacher when you join us in September. I cannot wait to meet you all! I hope that you are all really excited to come to secondary school to learn lots of new things and meet lots of new people and make new friends. I can’t wait for you to join us and see what we have to offer

Hi Year 7, my name is Miss Morgan. I’m an English and Drama teacher here at CCYD and I’m also going to be a form teacher for 7R! Form time will be a great opportunity for you to engage in a variety of activities and discussions that will encourage resilience and perseverance in learning. It will also be a place where you can share your innovative ideas and experiences with your peers. And don’t forget, if you have any queries or concerns, I will be there to help too. See you soon!

Hi everyone, I’m Mrs Thompson one of three Welsh teachers in the school and you will find me in room FE15. I am very excited to be a part of the year 7 team this year and to have a year 7 form class! I try to be enthusiastic and encouraging and bring fun into learning. I am here to help, whenever you need it, form time is a great time to listen and support each other. I aim to encourage my students to be brave and to have a go, don’t worry if you make mistakes, sometimes the best things are learnt from our mistakes! My interests include board gaming, reading and anything Marvel and of course Harry Potter! I love the community feel we have at CCYD and hope you really enjoy your time with us too! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hello Year 7! My name is Mrs Thomas. I am an English teacher at CCYD. I am looking forward to meeting you all and helping you in your time at CCYD. I like to think that I am firm but fair and have a great sense of humour. So, I am hoping we can work as a team to make our form a fun environment. See you all soon.