Welcome to Topaz College

I am very proud to be leading this college within this fantastic state of the art building that we are privileged to be working in.  I am very fortunate to have a very experienced and hard working group of tutors within the college.  Such a close working relationship will enable your son/daughter to become an integral part of the college.  Mr Owen is the Deputy Head of College and works very closely with all of the students on a daily basis to combat any issues or concerns before they escalate.  My aim is to provide all students with an educational experience that provides them with a range of life skills, which will prepare them for all aspects of life outside of school.  Much of this will be achieved through the broad and balanced lessons and extra curricular activities that they will undertake.  Feel free to contact me at anytime with any concerns you may have.

Head Of College:

Andrea Stockton andrea.stockton@bridgend.gov.uk

Pupil Support Officer:

Kelly James 

Phoenix Support Officer:

Jon Owen

Attendance Family Intervention Officer:

Hazel Bayliss

Tutor Groups, Tutors & Co-Tutors:

Y1     Rhodri Smith / S Preston

Y2     Robert Phelps 

Y3     Jo Keen (PT) / L Walters

Y4     Rosemary Goldsmith / Mark Broster

Y5     Lynsey Cruikshank / Ruth Saxton

Y6     Claire West / Anne Szopa

Y7     Joanne Protheroe / C Dicomedis

Y8     Rob Phillips / Gaynor Wilyeo

Y9     M Jones

Y10   Jen Williams / Nikki Casey