Please help save our 6th form for your children and others in the CCYD catchment area by writing a letter to the Education and Family Support Directorate (address is below) to tell them how the closure would affect you personally and the area as a whole. Please use the bullet points to help you construct your letter, you may not want to use them all, one or two points will suffice.

•  The fact that the whole community previously underwent an amalgamation – why then should we have further upset?
• Alps data (is used to show standards at key stage 5 on a national level) shows a
positive three year trend and an improving picture
•  The impact if we lost our 6th form on staff morale and the budget: possible
redundancies and the fact that we may lose some of our best teachers who will choose to go and teach where there is sixth form provision
•  The fact that we do have room here for expansion via the Hub or the original plans that are available from BCBC which shows there is room for expansion!
•  The fact that £39 million was invested into the school and we have state of the art resources already here where other schools don't, so why move our provision?
•  We know that some of our most disadvantaged learners would not travel to other schools and the financial cost of this also needs to be taken into consideration, these learners need the continuity of a sixth form at CCYD. We are working really hard to raise aspirations, what message does this send? Our percentage of learners that are eligible for Free School Meals is 27%, the Welsh average is 18.3% and the Local Authority is 18.8%
•  Impact on potential learners – some families may not send them to CCYD because they may choose a school which provides 11-18 provision
•  How accurate are the potential numbers that are presented for us in the consultation document for the next five years? These are different to the ones that we have used internally from our actual Primary schools
•  Ethos of the school if we lost our 6th form. An active 6th form presence continues to provide our younger learners with role models whom they can respect and aspire to be. Taking away these learners would have a detrimental impact for all concerned
•  The national mission for Wales is about empowering schools to ‘Bridge the Gap’, by closing CCYD, a school with a significant amount of disadvantaged learners, does this not contradict the Welsh Governments vision?

Please return your letters to CCYD reception and we will forward them, or send your letters directly

Education and Family support Directorate
Consultation – Post 16 BCBC
Civic Offices
Angel Street
CF31 4WB

If you require a prepaid envelope we can accommodate this.








This week Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen hosted another consultation with staff, learners, governors and parents regarding the proposed closure /mergers of sixth form provision in Bridgend.

Lots of discussion took place where concerns were raised and proposals were debated by all present.

After the consultation our Head Boy Laine Woolcock who is passionate about the school and the role of the sixth form drafted his views from a learners perspective to our school’s council website. This really does encapsulate our School’s vision and mission statement:

Please take the opportunity to read Laine’s mature and articulate response to the consultation and help support this very important cause as it is our learners / your children who will be affected:

To whom it may concern.

“Our school is situated in a low-income area and having access to a sixth form education in a local school provides our learners with the best chance at succeeding in life. Taking away our sixth form would mean that many learners would be discouraged from accessing a sixth form education on account of cost of travel and having to learn in an entirely new environment and be taught by teachers with completely different teaching styles to the ones that they are familiar with. The best way to provide learners with a comfortable, enjoyable transition into higher education is to experience that transition in a school that they know while being taught by excellent sixth form teachers that they are comfortable with. 

Some of the greatest successes of our school have been driven by a strong sixth form presence and to remove our sixth form would be to devalue and obscure the contributions that the previous and current sixth forms have made. 

The teaching staff at our school are fantastic and it would be a disservice to them and to learners if their skills teaching key stage five material were to go unused. Parents, of course, want to act in their child’s best interests and sending them to our sixth form provides them with a superb, comprehensive sixth form education; as proven by the excellent A Level exam results that our school enjoys year-on-year. 

Yes, we are a relatively small sixth form but our sixth form community is close-knit and there is so much value in that. 

Removing sixth form provision from our school and uprooting learners from the school they know and are comfortable attending, to receive a sixth form education at another site would cause great distress to learners and their families. 

For too long, the interests of the surrounding valleys and communities of Bridgend have either been an afterthought or completely disregarded. We cannot allow that to be the case when the issue in question is education: peoples’ futures. We will be making our case for our sixth form and will persist until we get the result that best serves our community. Please help us in this fight”!

Thank you again, 

Laine Woolcock


Sixth forms under threat in Bridgend as part of radical shake-up causes concern







2000+ responses/petitions to SAVE OUR SIXTH FORM are being delivered to BCBC from CCYD today. A BIG thank you to our school community for your support.