Welcome to Sapphire College

We are proud to lead such a dedicated and committed team of tutors and co-tutors who pride themselves on going the extra mile for each and every student within Sapphire.  An effective parent / tutor partnership is key to achieving success and we firmly believe together we are stronger.  The Sapphire Team endeavour to provide your child with the support and guidance they require to achieve and even exceed their true potential in a truly outstanding and inspirational environment.

Head Of College:

Katie Hewitt Katie.malkin@bridgend.gov.uk

Pupil Support Officer:


Phoenix Support Officer:

Angharad Rowlands

Attendance Family Intervention Officer:

Hazel Bayliss 

Tutor Groups, Tutors & Co-Tutors:

B1     Zoe Western (PT) / Angharad Saunders

B2     Rhian Wilson / K Williams

B3     Rebecca Oliver (PT) / J James


B5     Julie Alhaji (PT) / C Pope

B6     Laura Ball /K Meek

B7     C Royal

B8     Vicki Pearce (PT) / Judith Rainbow

B9      Marie Ballestrazzi (PT) / Olivia Wellington

B10    Michelle Winspear / Kristyn Evans