Learner Updates

Dear Learners,

I hope that you are all keeping well. I am looking forward to the time when you can come back into the building so we can see each other face to face again and get back to some kind of normality. We have seen some fantastic examples of your lovely work that you have posted in your subject Google classrooms and I know lots of you have been receiving reward postcards to recognise your effort and achievements.

We have been listening to your feedback on your learning and lots of you have said that you are finding keeping up with the work overwhelming. Some of you have said that whilst you are trying to complete work that has been set, other tasks are slowly mounting up and then you are finding this difficult to manage each day. 

To help with this we have put a couple of things in place this week. Firstly your teachers will only set the equivalent of 45 minutes of work/tasks in your allocated one hour lesson. This is to give you time to think about and plan the tasks and then complete them. Secondly we are introducing a ‘Learner catch-up day’ on one day each week to give you the chance to catch up on any work you have been set. Your teachers will not post any new work that day to give you a bit of breathing space to either go into your google classrooms and finish off or check your work. Your teachers will still be on hand during the school day for you to message that day should you need any help or support with completing the tasks. Please note that this is not a day off from doing any work at all but rather a chance to just make sure you get on top of things and have the chance to check over your work.

This weeks ‘Learner catch-up day’ is this THURSDAY 28th January. I will let you know the day next week once we hear from the Welsh Government as to what is happening in schools. 

We hope that this will support you in completing your work and help you to make progress. Please contact your teachers if you need any further support.


Mrs  James – Assistant Headteacher