In order to keep our learners safe and reduce the risk of the virus (Covid-19) spreading, we have put in place a risk assessment in line with BCBC and adhering to Public Health Wales (PHW) guidelines.  In order to minimise movement and disruption during the school day we have allocated a block per year group and instead our teachers move between lessons.  This allows us to contain each year group as a “bubble” whilst in school.  Learners are also placed in bubbles on school transport and it is now mandatory to wear masks whilst travelling to and from school.

In order to maintain social distancing we have split the transportation methods into 3 groups.  This allows learners to safely enter/exit the building without any crowding.

The Groups Are:-

• Walkers
• Buses
• Drop-Offs

Entering The School:

Walkers: Learners travelling by foot (walking) will enter the school from the FRONT of the building. This is also where the learners who walk to school will exit the building at the end of the school day. This entrance is indicated on the map below.

Buses: Learners travelling to school by bus will be directed by staff to enter the school from the back of the building, year groups 7 and 10 will enter via the back of blocks E & D. Year 7 will enter via the back of ‘E’ Block, Year 10 Learners will enter via the back of ‘D’ Block. Learners who travel by bus will also exit the building via these entrances. These entrances are indicated on the map below.

Drop Offs / Taxi’s: Learners being dropped off or arriving via taxi’s will enter the school via the Main Entrance, parents are asked not to leave their cars and please vacate the carpark after drop off.  Learners who are collected by parents or uses taxi’s will exit the building via the main entrance.  Can we stress that parents are not to leave their vehicles to meet/greet their children but remain in their cars.


Year Group “ZONES” (Bubbles) Break & Lunch Times

Year 7 – RED Zone

Year 8 – GREEN Zone 

Year 9 – PURPLE Zone

Year 10 – BLUE Zone

Year 11 – ORANGE Zone

Each zone outside is indicated with coloured posters on windows, fences and walls and coloured markings and dots on the floor.  The white dots are a visual guide to social distancing and the coloured dots and markings make reference to the zonal area for each year group.



Posters are put around the school to remind learners the importance of washing hands / sanitising / wearing a face mask and socially distancing.  Its really important that hands are washed thoroughly for 20 secs after using the toilet or prior to handling food. We encourage learners to sanitise their hands before entering a classroom and exiting the classroom.  We also remind learners to socially distance whilst in school.  The wearing of face masks is now mandatory in communal areas of the school. 


Our water fountains are operational at break and lunch times only.  We have members of staff that supervise these and remind learners that they must sanitise hands before touching the tap. They must not put their mouths near the tap and can only use the fountain to fill a suitable bottle. Posters above these stations remind the learners.